Senior Year & A Word from my Wife!

What an eventful summer it has been! Quite a lot has happened since my last update a few months ago. Much of my summer was spent preparing for my wedding in August (more about that to follow!), but I also spent a good bit of time doing pastoral work around the diocese. I preached at my home parish of St. Peter & St. Paul, as well as a neighboring parish, St. Albans. I also did a dozen or so sick calls/home communions for ill parishioners at the hospital or at home. Other summer work included serving as a counselor at St. Michael’s Conference Southwest (for the 5th consecutive year!), representing Nashotah House at the national assembly of Forward in Faith North America, and giving a “Pro-Life 101” presentation for the new class of Fellows with Texas Right to Life.

But of course the big event for me recently was getting married to my lovely wife, Claire! Most of you know that we started dating in October of last year, were engaged in February, and married last month. It’s been a crazy past few months but we had an incredible Wedding and Mass, followed by a crazy fun reception with family and friends, and then a relaxing few days on Honeymoon in Seattle.

Now that we are all settled in back up at Nashotah House, I am looking forward to my senior year of seminary! This semester I have a decent load of coursework with Moral Theology II, Systematic Theology I, and Liturgical Theology I. At this point, I am also doing preparatory work for my canonical examinations in January (which I have to pass to be ordained as a Deacon, and then as a Priest). Lots going on, but I’m excited about the next two semesters, and very much looking forward to one last year at Nashotah House.

What follows below are some updates from my wife, Claire!

If you have been an avid reader of Joseph’s blog, you will have noticed that my name has popped up once or twice over the past few months. Now that I am officially Mrs. Joseph Francis, I would like to formally introduce myself to the people that have prayed for and supported Joseph throughout his life!

I grew up in Dallas, Texas and am the youngest of four kids. I attended Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama and graduated in May of 2016. During my time at Samford, my brother, Sam Wilgus, graduated from Wheaton College and began attending a tiny little Episcopal seminary in Wisconsin. His move to the Anglican church pushed me to begin visiting Anglican churches around the Birmingham area, where I eventually ended up attending Christ the King Anglican Church held on Samford’s campus. I absolutely loved my time in that congregation, as I began to see the beauty and reverence in the history of the church and the liturgy. Last October, I decided to go on a trip up north for my birthday to visit my brother and his new wife at that tiny seminary in Wisconsin. I am so grateful for that trip, not only because I had a wonderful time seeing my family and enjoying the cool, fall weather, but also because I got to begin chatting with a cute seminarian named Joseph Francis! After a rather quick timeline (it all began less than a year ago!), I am so happy to be all settled in to our first home together as a married couple up in Wisconsin 🙂

I feel very blessed to spend our first year of marriage together at Nashotah House. Being relatively new to the Anglican tradition, I am excited to spend a year immersed in the traditions and worship here at the House and to get a taste of what a our vocations will look like. I appreciate your continued prayers for Joseph as he finishes out his last year in seminary, and I ask that you also pray for this transitional time for us as we build our lives together and seek to live out God’s calling for us.

As always, thank you so much to everyone who has loved, prayed for, and supported us. Please continue to pray for Claire and me as we look forward to married life and ministry in Christ’s Church!

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